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A New Year

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

A new year. A new decade. TWENTY TWENTY! How the heck did we get here so fast? I’ve seen a lot of talk of resolutions, intentions, and turning a new page. Are these just empty boxes to be checked off during the year? Or can they become meaningful change? For me, and I hope for all of the Realtors at Roots, 2020 is going to be a year filled with wonderful change, but also a nod to who we have always been.

If you know ANYTHING about Auburn, Alabama, you know the buzz words of the past few years. Growth. Development. Gameday Condo. VRBO. New construction. Did I mention GROWTH? Real estate in Auburn has changed the face of our city more than anything else. Real estate in Opelika has also seen a lot of activity. Cool restaurants, shops, renovation, and yes, new construction. Realtors in Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin have been busy. Listing, selling and making deals. But that is not all we have been doing.

We have been plugging into our community. Each in our own way. Each acknowledging our own passions. At Roots, we are building a culture of INVESTMENT IN WHERE WE LIVE. Not just in the property that we sell, but in the people that we meet.

Personally, selling real estate in Auburn has afforded me the opportunity to show off the community I love. MY HOMETOWN. The place that built me. I’m a melting pot of the old traditions and the new places. Staying plugged in. Building my business by building a better town. Being a Realtor in Auburn gives me chance to make you love this city, and all the little things that make it special. Auburn Lagniappe, if you will.

So back to the changes. New year. New decade. New real estate company. But at Roots we are also interested in more of the same. Same commitment. Same drive. Same passion. Mixed in with a LOT of fun. Just some Realtors in Auburn trying to make our town a little better, client by client. Y’all hang on. We are about the shake up these roaring ‘20s!

Peace, Jana Jager

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