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Here we Grow!

“They Call It Progress”

Stats, stats, stats!  How much do you like stats? I LOVE THEM! Statistics can tell us a lot of things about growth and trends, in all aspects of life!  Is Auburn, AL, a place you call home? Is it a place you WANT to call home? People who have lived here for even just 5 years have seen Auburn grow like crazy! Everyone wants to live in Auburn, it seems. A town that isn’t growing is dying.  “They call it Progress”, as one song would put it. So how much has Auburn grown?

Here are the stats you’ve been waiting for:

The population of Auburn, at around 63,000, has more than doubled since the 1990 census!  Schools are currently enrolled around 8,500 students, an increase of almost 2,000 in just the last 7 years. Total enrollment is expected to increase to over 11,000 in just 4 years.  We can’t talk about schools without mentioning the university! Auburn University has increased student enrollment to almost 31,000 total students, creating a demand for more housing (for students and faculty). All of this has created an economic boom for our entire community.

With magazines such as Forbes and other editorials placing Auburn in the top rankings of small towns for careers, education, and retirement, plus Auburn’s public schools constantly ranking in the top 5 of the state, the sky’s the limit with this big-small town!

So, our secret is out, Auburn is on the map! It's not gonna slow down anytime soon!  Some would ask “Are we still a village”? To me, we will always be the Loveliest Village on the Plains…..because it’s the people that make Auburn great. No wonder so many people want to be a part of this great community!  So come on, we welcome you into our family!

Amy Craig, Realtor

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